Standard Maintenance

Grassed areas

  • Remove all litter.
  • Mow all grassed areas to a length suitable to ground conditions.
  • All grass cuttings are to be removed from site.
  • All edges to paths, borders, beds and at building line to be strimmed to level of cut.
  • Apply proprietary weed and feed to grassed areas when directed, ensuring that the
  • COSHH requirements are met. Charged separately.
  • Areas with excessive dog faeces will not be cut due to the health and safety risk it poses to our staff.

Shrub beds and borders

  • Remove all litter.
  • Hand weed beds to remove large weeds.
  • Hoe beds to remove weed seedlings.
  • Apply appropriate proprietary week killer ensuring that the COSHH requirements are met.
  • Prune shrubs as required.
  • Edge all borders and circle all trees where appropriate.


  • Remove all litter.
  • Trim all new growth as required to maintain a neat line and definition at all times.
  • Remove all cuttings from the site.

Paths, roadways and parking areas

  • Remove all litter.
  • Hand pull all large weeds and clear away.
  • Apply proprietary weed killer ensuring that the COSHH requirements are met.
  • Sweep all paths and kerb lines and remove debris from site. (NB we are unable to remove any ‘hazardous’ waste due to the terms of our Waste Carriers’ Licence).


  • Sweep and clear away all fallen leaves on autumn and winter visits.
  • Advise when additional tree works are required. These are charged as necessary once agreed with the property management company.

Additional to Standard Charge


  • Advise planting suggestions at appropriate time (for autumn planting season). All planting charged in addition, once agreed with the Property Management Company.

Repairs to hard landscaping

  • Advise the property management company if there is any damage to the communal grounds (such as fences, manhole covers, abandoned vehicles, dumped items etc). Repairs and removals will be charged separately with prior agreement